Monday, June 25, 2007

Week 9:Monday 4th December 2006 – Sunday 10th December 2006

Today Monday, I’m still recovering from a cold I got sometime last week. I haven’t felt well the whole day and spent most of the day quietly typing on my laptop. I called the STIC office to find a ticket from Kolkata to Mumbai on the 16th. The lady said she would call me back but didn’t, and now the lights are off.  I might not leave till the lights come back on. Meanwhile, I’m not sure what to do to keep myself busy. LOL! There was supposed to be another panel discussion “Women and the Media” at Gorky Sadan, but apparently there were no people in the audience, so it was cancelled. I was quite sad to hear that, as I’m sure it would have been pretty interesting. I have also not seen any of the movies that Drik India puts up after each panel discussion. I hope I can get copies of the movies to watch later.

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