Monday, June 25, 2007

Christmas in the UK

I spent Christmas in the UK with Twum, and we met up with friends and family. We hung out with Edwin, Twum’s friend from Motown. We also met up with my friend Jojo, a musician, who is getting married this August (Congratulations!), and we also spent time at Twum’s uncle place in Edgware, with Twum’s cousin Fiifi, Fiifi’s girlfriend, and Tracey, a lovely Nigerian girl who also lives in the area. Twum and I had fun decorating the whole house with fake Christmas trees, Christmas lights, and Santa hats. We also visiting Dr. Asante, one of my dad’s friends who lives about five minutes away from Edgware with his family. On 31st December we went to visit Victory Bible Church in East London where Pastor Clement and his wife minister, and I got to sing at the service (it was nice, but I was extremely NERVOUS!). From there, we went back to the hotel to sleep, and then took the train up to Birmingham to visit Angela, Sammy and Adrian. We spent New Year’s Eve with them at church service, and then the next day, they made us the loveliest breakfast ever with this nice mincemeat omelette. Twum and I left for London that same day, and then we spent the first week of the year together, after which I left for Trinidad and he left for the US. Here’s a Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


maameous said...

I'd be interested to know...when you meet up with all these people, what do you talk about? what do you learn? what makes you nervous about singing? what makes anyone nervous about singing?

NiseyGlobeTrotting said...

Esi, it's so funny how you are able to come up with things to talk about without any foreplanning. When we met up with Twum's cousin and his friends, we talked about my travels, and Tracey talked about her visits to India and her study abroad in Berkeley. Then we cooked up a big batch of jollof, and had a "Friends" marathon.

When it comes to the singing, I am nervous when asked to sing a solo, especially if I haven't done so in many years. I had been directing a choir for a year and a half, but I had never sung a solo in the choir. It was pretty nerve wracking, being called out of the congregation just like that. So, :)

maameous said...

Ah thanks for responding.

Still interested in the singing thing. I think we're on to something bigger here. Not just you singing and feeling nervous about it but a real chance to explore the nature of nervousness and why it happens. You say it was nerve wracking. why? was it because the crowd was big? why would it make any difference how many people are there. My guess is that u were scared because u were not sure that you would sing well. If u did something mediocre, it would be infront of all these people. You were concerned about shining, as we all are infront of people. We should probe into why we feel what we feel. It would be even more interesting to know why we want to shine so bad when we all know that we are just us. we're only human. this is the stuff that makes great comedy. humans making asses of themselves and then laughing it off. But when we are caught there, we don't experience it.If you have time, u shd blog about this.