Monday, October 16, 2006

Tuesday 10th October, 2006 – Totally jetlagged

Since I went to bed so late, I woke up around 3pm, but I still couldn’t keep my eyes open, so I went back to bed till 5pm. J When I woke up, I ordered a veggie wrap and a chicken wrap and a bottle of water. When I was done, I went out to the café to check mail. On my way to the café, I stopped at an Airtel ( a phone company) office to enquire about getting a SIM card. I was told I had to bring a passport, passport photo, and a cell phone to them. When I did, they told me that I needed to have a residence address, so I should ask the hotel owner for a letter, on the hotel’s letterhead, saying that I was staying at the hotel. The hotel of course wouldn’t do it, so I’m stuck with no SIM card. I can’t quite believe that it’s so hard to get a prepaid SIM card.

Twum was online on Gmail when I got to the café. He said he had been waking up intermittently between 4am and 7am to see whether I was online( how sweet, no?). We had an interesting conversation, and he said he would call later that evening. I had also gone there to get the Indian access numbers for the STA phone card I had. I was there for a bit, but around 10pm, I realized that I was the only female there so I decided to leave. I got back to my room, did a bit of reading and writing up notes, till Twum called and we had a nice long chat. He called again a few hours later, and then the following morning (which was night for him). It was nice to hear from someone at home. So that was my Tuesday. Not too eventful.

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