Sunday, August 06, 2006

So tired already...

I was going to update this blog with a lot of info about what I've been up to and what I've experienced, but I'm pretty tired from all my train rides, and I also have to go to work tomorrow, so I'll just wait for another chance. I did a bit of sightseeing with Pauline when I got back to Worthing, to a hilltop called Devil's Dyke where all of West Sussex can be seen from, so that is also something to share. To make you happy though, I'm just going to put up a few pictures of what I did, and hope to give u the full scoop later. I do have about a paragraph written up though, so here goes.

"I arrived in Birmingham late Friday night, and I was met by Angela, Sammy’s wife and my childhood friend from church. They have a ten-month old son Adrian, who has the most beautiful smile ever. It seems to light up the room, and he always flashes it and turns, as if he is teasing you with the smile. Sammy had to go to work as he works the late night shift at his job. Angie and I sat around and chatted for a while, actually till almost 1am about random stuff, and I had some gooooooooood rice and stew with some lovely meat ( I think it was goat…not too sure! It was still very tasty!).

Sammy arrived from work at 8am and woke me up with a loud shout. We hadn’t seen each other in five years, so it was pretty nice to see him. He hasn’t changed much physically, and still fun and outgoing and God fearing. He made all of us a lovely omelette with vegetables and mincemeat, and we had that for breakfast, with bread and hot chocolate. We spent most of the morning chatting and catching up on each other’s escapades since we last met. Angela actually went to high school with Twum, my fiancĂ©, so that made for some interesting conversation. We then went to Birmingham to look around the mall and do a little bit of shopping. I bought two shoes, really cute ones. :)."

I'll continue later. (Yawn!)

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