Saturday, August 05, 2006

In Birmingham, UK

I have this friend that I hadn't seen in about five years who is currently living in Birmingham with his wife and son. I therefore decided to go up there this weekend to visit them. I am in Birmingham right now. It's a pretty nice city, and it seems relatively cheap compared to London.

On Friday I had training for working with the WORTH project, so I had to walk to the Berkely Hotel in Worthing, right by the sea. My host gave me some directions to the place, but she wasn't very specific on how far or how long it would take me to get there. Birmingham is north of Worthing and London, and the trip was projected to take 3hrs by train. Consequently I had to take my weekend bag to the training session, along with my tote bag. Bad idea!

It took me 45minutes to get to the hotel, and my feet were killing me, not to mention my back which felt like it was breaking! The training session wasn't bad though, and the ladies I met there were very charming and nice. :) I think I'm starting to pick up a bit of the British accent. LOL!

More to come later... right now I have the itis!


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