Sunday, August 27, 2006

And another one...

This past week (or two), I’ve been in Worthing at the WORTH office, and this week I spent Wednesday in Chichester with Guy and the other team members of the Community Safety team of the West Sussex Council. He ( and the team) deals more with justice and judiciary issues. The WORTH project is apparently a subsidiary of what they do. The team trains different agents and agencies to be able to work with people who are in an abusive situation at home, and support them. They also helped developed a domestic violence workplace policy, and are now working to get a fast track specialist court that will hear both the civil and criminal aspects of a DV case at a specific time. The way it will hopefully work, for a time span on one particular day, the magistrate or judge will only hear DV cases, so that the issues are not spread out, and all the facts will be weighed in making a decision concerning the victim’s safety and that of any children involved.

Rewind: on Tuesday I went to a bookstore and bought three books for about 13 pounds. I also bought a Hindu pocketbook, some bookmarks, and the GI diet book. I felt really bad that I had spent that much money, so I returned the books on Thursday. However, I had found a charity shop that sold books from 50p, so I went in to “Help the Aged” and helped myself to nine books. Grand total of 11 pounds. Not bad at all!

I have Mondays and Fridays off, so I slept in today. J Now I’m trying to decide whether I should go up to Thornton Heath or not. And I have to type up my notes from my time at WORTH.

See ya! J

PS: I like comments, so leave them, and let me know how you are also doing.

Addendum: I’m already in Thornton Heath, and we are having a movie night, staying in and watching both Ghanaian & Nigerian movies, and some US movies. Fun, fun, fun! I also finally finished my red poncho. I'll put up a picture of it soon. :)

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