Saturday, October 14, 2006

24th September – 1st October, 2006: Life in limbo

Early this week I found out that some friends from Amherst were actually here in the UK for various Masters programs. Two are at LSE and one is at Oxford. Emily and Laura (the ones at LSE) wanted to meet up for dinner on Tuesday night. I was hoping to go to the Indian embassy to pick up my visa before meeting them for dinner, since the embassy was in the same area we were meeting for dinner (Holborn. LSE is also located there.). I however did not make it out of Thornton heath in time (as usual), so I got there just in time to meet the other girls in front of the Holborn station and we set off to find a good place to eat. We walked and chatted for a while. Actually, Di, another girl from Amherst who was staying in London with her boyfriend and looking for a job, joined us for dinner. We walked and walked and even saw the theatre house were Ashlee Simpson is playing Roxie Hart in Chicago.

We finally settled on a sushi place, where we sat down and had a lovely meal and took funny pics (they are on facebook for those who are members of that site. I’ll put up pictures later). Di left to give some stuff to a friend, and we the remaining three chatted for a while until Di returned, then we paid the tab and walked around looking for a place to have coffee and dessert. We walked and walked (again! Hehehe…it wasn’t that bad), until we finally settled on this café/restaurant that had seats outside, and outdoor lamps that gave both light and heat. Emily ordered ice cream, Di a coffee drink and Laura and I split a pecan pie with ice cream and whipped cream. It was a pretty fun night.

I left on the underground with Emily, who got off just a few stops from that station (I think we set off from Piccadilly Square. I could be wrong). When I got to Green Park where I had to switch to the Victoria line, I bumped into Kathy who was on her way home from work. (Kathy is the friend I was staying with at Thornton Heath.) We continued the journey home together, getting down at Norbury station instead of Thornton Heath station, and continuing by bus to the house. Kathy explained to me that the Thornton Heath station wasn’t a safe place to stand at night, which is why we were getting down at the Norbury station. And that was the end of the Tuesday night.

I finally picked up my visa and got tickets for Twum and I to go see Wicked , a musical show, next week. I also went to the Victoria STA Travel office to look for tickets from London to Trinidad, and I baked a lot of cake on Saturday the 30th of September. :) I'll put up pics later because they take too long to upload, and it's already pretty late.

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