Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I love Primark

I didn’t go to work on Friday because I was tired, and also because it was Chris’s birthday and she wasn’t going to work. I live with Chris’s mom here in Crawley, UK, so Chris takes me to work and brings me back after work. I was so tired on that I woke up almost noon on Friday. Actually, Nan woke me up because she said Amy, her granddaughter, who was coming to take me to town, would be arriving soon.

I went with Amy to her house where she parked her car, then we walked into town. It was a nice walk. I toyed briefly with getting a nose stud because quite frankly, it looks pretty sexy. We came across an open air market with both farm produce and clothing. It was quite fun. From there we walked into the center of the town where I found my new love, Primark (sorry honey! J). Primark is this store in the UK where really nice, stylish clothes and accessories are sold for very cheap. To give you an idea of how cheap these things are, I’ll tell you all that I bought and how much it cost. I got three necklaces, seven pairs of earrings, a set of ten bracelets, six other individual bracelets, three head ties, a belt, a red handbag, two wallets, five blouses and a pair of pants for a grand total of 42 pounds! Not bad, eh? I must admit I went a bit crazy on the red though…oh well, I only live once, right?

I then had the most delicious sandwich, made of chicken, bacon, green onions and avocado on wheat bread. Just amazing! Then I had ice cream from Baskin Robbins, and went into this store called Boots for a make-up tutorial and makeover from the Clinique counter. I looked okay. I don’t think heavy make-up looks good on me, so I didn’t like the final product that much. However, when most of it had faded a little, I was quite striking, if I may say so myself. LOL!

We got picked up by Chris after I had been shown the train station, and we went back home, where Amy, Nan and I took this picture. What a lovely day!!

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